About Kate Gavin

Lovelykitten Resident rezzed into Second life on April 17, 2011. She’s a model, Blogger and amateur Photographer. Her most proud Achievements? Graduating from Whispering Winds Medical School as a Doctor under the training of Dr Ty Elan and Dr Adriana Sheriffe on July of 2011. And she also graduates from UCWS Modelling School and in MA Modelling Agency and Academy as a certified model last three years ago. She’s the Founder of Pinoy Hideout in Second Life.


She Love Fashion and Glamour both in RL and SL has no difference. She’ll go running into new events once it opens up. The lag and the disconnection from Second life do not stop her from getting back on just to buy the latest and new fashion trend released each month. Right now? She’s addicted to Gacha making sure she’ll have all the ultra rare and rare ones before she could stop. She also shops when the event is for a cause so she could be of any help even in such a small way.


Aside from her addiction for shopping, she loves to explore and try new things even in the hardest way because it challenges her a lot! Even if it’s hard to find people who’s trustworthy, she still likes to Socialise and make lots of Friends. Now and then she’ll be sharing here her Real Life experience even the Quotes she loves to post on her Facebook wall. Travelling to a different country, playing Tennis and Golf is the hobbies that she loves the most in Real Life.


Something about herself: She love Quotes but just because she post it doesn’t mean she’s going through it, and it doesn’t mean that it’s directed to towards anyone….Maybe she just like what she reads or what she sees…She’s just human you know!!! 🙂 The colours that she loves are red, pink, purple, teal, black and white.


When it comes to relationship: “She cares too much, trust too much, give too much, love too much, and it always seems like she’s the one who gets hurt the most.”


I hope that this at least gives you some details about her character and personality 🙂

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